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Complete Outfit EUR 129,-

Or each piece: Lederhose 50,- Shirt 20,- Janker 50,- Shoes 30,-.... includes dry cleaning - no extra costs


Traditional Clothes.


Traditional suit.Shoes.Vest




Come to our studio in Vienna 9, Müllnergasse 16

Make an appointment here now.

You can use our rental things for 5 days or

keep over the weekend.

Visit our studio - Müllnergasse 16, 1090 Vienna

Make an appointment here or call us: 0676 966 78 79

Step 1 / process

Come to our studio (9., Müllnergasse 16) by appointment and try our suits. Then reserve it for your desired date.

Step 2 / your size

You can find (almost) all sizes in our showroom. We have sizes 44-62, 24-29 and 90-114. Our suits can be found in our "slim fit" and "modern fit" fits.

Our shirts are also available in many sizes.

Step 3 / Before your event

It's best to pick up your suit from us the day before your event. It is already waiting for you, packed in a protected transport case.

Loan duration max. 3 working days.

Step 4 / After your event

Please note the maximum loan period of 3 working days or over the weekend

Please bring us your suit uncleaned.

We take care of the cleaning for you.

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