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Rent your morning suit or cutaway including all accessories

... all for a total price of EUR 199, including shirt, vest set and shoes

Step 1 / showroom

Come to our studio (Vienna 1090, Müllnergasse 16), make an appointment here and try our wedding suits.


Then reserve it for your desired date or decide to buy it.

Step 2 / size and style

In our showroom you can find (almost) all sizes in different styles. Are you looking for a classic suit or do you like extravagant things? We always have the right thing ready.

Step 3 / your wedding package

Our package includes the wedding suit and the west set including wedding gilet, pocket square and plastron (tie).

Rental period 7 days

You can also find suitable shirts in all sizes from us.

Step 4 / your event

You pick up your reserved suit from us in good time before your event. It is waiting for you in a protected transport case, already packaged.


Return the uncleaned suit to us after your wedding. We take care of the cleaning costs for you.

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