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Generation Elegant is the direct, quick way to your rental suit in the form of a tuxedo, wedding suit and tails.


Generation Elegant is the cheap but exclusive way to rent suits to keep the costs of your wedding, your ball visit or your gala evening manageable. We can offer this low price because we buy our articles from overproductions and bankruptcies, which gives us lower purchase prices that we would like to pass on directly to our customers. We only offer suits made of high-quality materials, wedding suits from renowned manufacturers, tailcoats with fine, light new wool, for which regular retailers are happy to spend around 1000 euros. We use our experience and competence to offer you a smooth shopping experience.

We have clothing sizes from 44 - 60, of course also the short sizes like 25 and 26, ... but also the slim sizes like 98, 102, etc. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom in Vienna 9, Müllnergasse 16 - make an appointment here . We will reserve your desired package for your appointment after you have found your dream suit. The package for your wedding includes a jacket, trousers, vest set including gilet, plastron (tie) and the matching pocket square. Would you prefer to buy your wedding suit? No problem, we offer you the complete package for EUR 449, including the west set.

Dress code "white tie"? Looking for a dress suit for your ball visit?

Our dress packs consist of all the components that are necessary for a visit to the opera ball: dress jacket, dress pants, dress shirt, vest, cummerbund, bow tie, patent leather shoes, dress buttons, cufflinks as well as a pocket square and not to forget a pair of high quality patent shoes. The fine details such as piqué fabric, velvet covered buttons, satin stripes are a prerequisite and, of course, part of us.

And all this for a rental price of EUR 199 for a rental period of 3 working days.

If the dress code is "black tie" you are on the right side with a tuxedo. Our tuxedo packages also include all components for your perfect ball evening. The package includes the tuxedo jacket, the tuxedo trousers with the important side gallon band, the shirt with a concealed button placket, a matching bow tie (mostly black), an optional black cummerbund, as well as cufflinks and patent leather shoes. Everything at a fixed price of EUR 129

The elegant generation solution: save us high costs for expensive tailcoat and suit packages and secure it for you at an affordable rental price.

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