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tailcoat / frack rent EUR 220, -

including complete accessories

Rental period 3 days or a weekend

Our tailcoats are cut exclusively in the current slim and modern fit.

Wonderfully light suit fabric with soft new wool


Included equipment


- Dress jacket

Slim or modern fit

Rising satin reverse

Fabric covered buttons

Simple back slit

- Dress pants

Slim or modern fit cut

Satin stripes on the sides

Without envelope

- Dress shirt

Reinforced pique part

Cuffed sleeves

Patch collar

- bow tie

- vest

- cummerbund

....... everything made of piqué fabric

- patent shoes

- cufflinks

- tailcoat buttons

- pocket square

Our package includes all components that are required for a visit to the Opera Ball.

Sizes from 44 - 62, 24 - 29, 94 - 110

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